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Research on the Spratt side of the Family Tree - Hayes

This is the Stevens line back to Frederick Thomas Hayes, for whom we only have an estimated date of birth and only know his name from his son's birth certificate. Our Stevens line has been a puzzle for some time as we could not find the parents of Frederick Samuel Hayes STEVENS, but we have recently found that he was registered at birth as Frederick Samuel Hayes and added STEVENS as his surname, possibly after his father died and his mother married again; there is still more work to do, but at least we now know his mothers details.  His five siblings did not take the new surname.

Albert Edwin Spratt, Clive's grandfather married Jane Gertrude Stevens in Greenhill Parish Church, Harrow, Middlesex, in 1906, and the family remained in Harrow all their lives raising four children.  Winifred Amy married Walter Briggs.   William Albert, known as Leslie William all of his life, was Clive's father.   Elsie Vera married Cuthbert Victor Tillotson and the youngest Betty Joan Florence Spratt married Martin Harvey Henderson.

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