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Clive Spratt and Eileen Cruse were married on 6th March 1965 at Christ Church, Roxeth, Harrow, Middlesex,
and have two grown up children and four grandchildren.

Research over the last forty plus years into our family history has taken us back to the 1700s/1800s in Devon, Essex, Glamorgan, London, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, and Sussex.  Our interest in family history was sparked when a photograph of the Southcombe family, taken in about 1912 was sent to Clive by his mother's older sister Hilda.  Clive's mother died just before his seventh birthday; due to WWII and other factors Clive never knew his mother and had asked if anyone had photographs.  Sadly there were none except the old photograph shown on the Southcombe page, and this photograph led to the urge to know more about the family, and so the family history bug was caught!

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