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Places where we have an Interest

Research over the last forty years into our family history has taken us back to the 1700s/1800s in the English counties of Devon, Essex, Glamorgan, London, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, and Sussex.  We were surprised to find that with the exception of Somerset, Suffolk and Surrey we both had ancestors from the same counties of England.  At present all of our overseas connections are in Australia and, perhaps surprisingly, we have no connections with the USA where hundreds of thousands of people from the UK emigrated to since the Pilgrim Fathers left from Plymouth in 1620.

On each county page we will list the towns and villages and some details of the places where families lived.  These details are mainly from the 1841 to 1911 census records, but we hope to add further details of these places to add interest.

When the county names are changed to Blue then they will have the necessary links to connect to the appropriate pages.

Please note this page is still under construction.

  Page updated 14 February 2018