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Research on the Spratt side of the Family Tree - Candy / Gilbert / Boulting

Emma Rachel Candy was Clive's grandmother, she was born in Cardiff, south Wales in 1869, but the earlier family came from Somerset.  Frederick Candy was a mariner when he married Angelina Boulton in Bristol, which was an important city for seafarers.  The spelling of the name Boulting was sometimes Boultin or Boulton, probably down to the individual spelling of the parish clerk.

Emma Rachel Candy had a brother Frederick William Candy and a sister Angelina, both born in Bath, Somerset, and another sister Eliza Jessie born in Cardiff in 1864 - so the family moved to Cardiff between 1859 and 1864. 

Most of the Candy's were pork butchers, and Clive's grandmother Emma Rachel Candy also had an interest in the trade when she lived in the Roath area of Cardiff; in the 1901 Census she was described as a 'Butcher, on own account'.

Some researchers believe that Rachel Cromblehome, nee Hill was the mother of James Boulting's second daughter Angelina and his son James. In the 1841 Census he is shown with a Rachel and the three children, who were aged 18, 12 and 9 years old. But if Rachel Hill was their mother why did they wait until 1845 to marry? James's first wife Elizabeth Candy died in 1824; Rachel Cromblehome's husband Thomas also died in 1824; they were both free to marry, so why wait? I think that he remarried another Rachel before Angelina was born in 1829 and his second wife died between 1841 and 1845, but will be happy to hear from anyone who knows better.

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