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Family of Philip HICKS and Ann BEAR

Husband: Philip HICKS (1796- )
Wife: Ann BEAR (1792- )
Children: Philip HICKS (1827- )
John HICKS (1836-1911)

Husband: Philip HICKS

Name: Philip HICKS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1796 Lanreath, Cornwall

Wife: Ann BEAR

Name: Ann BEAR
Sex: Female
Father: Henry BEAR (1764-1836)
Mother: Elizabeth CLINICK (1768- )
Birth 1792 Lanreath, Cornwall

Child 1: Philip HICKS

Name: Philip HICKS
Sex: Male
Birth 1827

Child 2: John HICKS

Name: John HICKS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth TUGNETT (1847-1931)
Birth 18321
Birth 1836
Immigration c. 1862 (age 25-26) from County Cork, Ireland1
Death 28 May 1911 (age 74-75) Officer, Victoria, Australia1


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