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Family of William Richard SPRATT and Catherine HILL

Husband: William Richard SPRATT (1841-1877)
Wife: Catherine HILL (1841- )
Children: Caroline Harriet Jane SPRATT (1865- )
William Albert Henry SPRATT (1866- )
William Thomas SPRATT (1868- )
Matilda SPRATT (c. 1869- )
Florence Ann SPRATT (1871- )
Rose SPRATT (c. 1877- )

Husband: William Richard SPRATT

Name: William Richard SPRATT1,2,3,4
Sex: Male
Father: James Thomas SPRATT (c. 1815-1887)
Mother: Caroline Ann Crump HAYWARD (1815-1881)
Birth 2 May 1841 Kentish Town, St Pancras, Middlesex
Baptism 16 Jul 1845 (age 4) St Pancras Old Church, St Pancras, Middlesex
Residence 1851 (age 9-10) 5 Montevideo Place, Kentish Town, St Pancras, Middlesex
Occupation 1871 (age 29-30) Police Constable
Residence 1871 (age 29-30) 14 Drayler St, St George, London
Death Q4 1877 (age 36) Hampstead, London
Hampstead 1a 434
Buried 6 Nov 1877 (age 36) Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Road, West Hampstead, Middlesex

Wife: Catherine HILL

Name: Catherine HILL4
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1841 Truro, Cornwall

Child 1: Caroline Harriet Jane SPRATT

Name: Caroline Harriet Jane SPRATT4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard CLAXTON (c. 1866- )
Birth Q2 1865 St Pancras, Middlesex
St Pancras 1b 142
Residence 31 May 1886 (age 20-21) 26 East Street, Walworth, Lambeth, Surrey

Child 2: William Albert Henry SPRATT

Name: William Albert Henry SPRATT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma Elena SPRATT (1865- )
Birth Dec 1866 St Pancras, Middlesex
St Pancfras 1b 146
Occupation 1897 (age 30-31) House Painter
When son baptised

Child 3: William Thomas SPRATT

Name: William Thomas SPRATT4
Sex: Male
Birth 31 May 1868 St Pancras, Middlesex
St Pancras 1b 192

Child 4: Matilda SPRATT

Name: Matilda SPRATT
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1869 Kennington, Surrey

Child 5: Florence Ann SPRATT

Name: Florence Ann SPRATT
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Aug 1871 St Paul's, Truro, Cornwall
Truro 5c 154

Child 6: Rose SPRATT

Name: Rose SPRATT
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1877 Lambeth, Surrey

Note on Marriage

(Research):1881 Census By 1881 William had died. Tracing his wife and children the only family of Spratt's with a mother called Catherine was found at 2 Charles Place, Lambeth. Timothy Neal (39 yrs) was the head and married to Catherine Neal (40 yrs) born in Cornwall with children William Spratt (17 yrs born Kentish Town), Caroline (16 yrs born Kentish Town), Matilda (12 yrs born Kensington), Florence (10 yrs born Cornwall) and Roda (4 yrs born Lambeth). Also listed were two Neal children, Annie (2 yrs born Lambeth) and Olivia (12 yrs). (Ref RG11/0595/87/38)

Note on Husband: William Richard SPRATT


All brothers baptised at same time?

(Policeman) Painter/Glazier

1871 Census Lists William (29 yrs) and his wife Catherine (30 yrs) born in Truro, Cornwall with their three children Caroline (6 yrs), William (4 yrs) and Matilda (1 yr). Caroline and William were born in St. Pancras and Matilda was born in Surrey.


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