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Family of Cecil Rowell HANCOCK and Ida TYSON

Husband: Cecil Rowell HANCOCK (1908-1978)
Wife: Ida TYSON (1909-1999)
Marriage 27 May 1939 Perth, WA, Australia

Husband: Cecil Rowell HANCOCK

Name: Cecil Rowell HANCOCK1
Sex: Male
Father: Cecil HANCOCK (1884-1963)
Mother: Emily A ROWELL (1887-1968)
Birth 10 May 1908
Birth 19082
Death Jun 1978 (age 70) Perth, WA, Australia
Death 1978 (age 69-70)2

Wife: Ida TYSON

Name: Ida TYSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 Mar 1909 Guildford, WA, Australia
Death 19 Dec 1999 (age 90)


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