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Family of Robert HENDERSON and Mary YOUNG

Husband: Robert HENDERSON (1828-bef1906)
Wife: Mary YOUNG (1834- )
Children: John HENDERSON (1857- )
Henry HENDERSON (1859- )
William HENDERSON (1862- )
Sarah HENDERSON (1863-1885)
Robert HENDERSON (1865- )
Margaret HENDERSON (1868- )
Thomas HENDERSON (1879-1946)

Husband: Robert HENDERSON

Name: Robert HENDERSON1,2,3,4,5
Sex: Male
Father: John HENDERSON (1791- )
Mother: Margaret HENDERSON-wife (1790- )
Birth 1828 Chester Hill, Northumberland
Occupation Milkseller
Death bef 1906 (age 77-78) Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland

Wife: Mary YOUNG

Name: Mary YOUNG4,5,6,7,8
Sex: Female
Father: Robert Henry YOUNG (1814-1860)
Mother: Sarah OGLE (1813- )
Mother (2): Sarah OGLE (1813- )
Birth 24 Nov 1833 Embleton, Northumberland
Birth 1834 Embleton, Northumberland

Child 1: John HENDERSON

Name: John HENDERSON2,3
Sex: Male
Birth 1857

Child 2: Henry HENDERSON

Name: Henry HENDERSON2,3,4
Sex: Male
Birth 1859 Warkworth, Northumberland
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 21-22) Signalman

Child 3: William HENDERSON

Name: William HENDERSON3,4
Sex: Male
Birth 1862 Alnwick, Northumberland
Occupation Labourer

Child 4: Sarah HENDERSON

Name: Sarah HENDERSON3,4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stephen THIRTLE ( - )
Birth 1863 Alnwick, Northumberland
Occupation Dressmaker
Death Q2 1885 (age 21-22) Tynemouth, Northumberland
Tynemouth 10b 194

Child 5: Robert HENDERSON

Name: Robert HENDERSON3,4,9
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie CHARLTON (1873- )
Birth 1865 Alnwick, Northumberland
Occupation Labourer
Occupation 1911 (age 45-46) Cowkeeper, own account
Residence 1911 (age 45-46) Moor Croft, Newbiggin by Sea, Northumberland

Child 6: Margaret HENDERSON

Name: Margaret HENDERSON3,4,5
Sex: Female
Birth 1868 East Chevington, Warkworth, Northumberland

Child 7: Thomas HENDERSON

Name: Thomas HENDERSON4,5,7,10,11,12,13
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth Dixon RUTHERFORD (1882- )
Birth 1879 Horton, Northumberland
Occupation 1911 (age 31-32) Postman; Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland
Residence 1911 (age 31-32) 25 Marine Terrace, Newbiggin by Sea, Northumberland
Occupation 1916 (age 36-37) Postman; Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland
Residence 1916 (age 36-37) 1 Buteland Terrace, Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland
Death 11 Apr 1946 (age 66-67)
Award Awarded The Imperial Service Medal
The Imperial Service Medal was awarded in the reign of George V to non-managerial staff with 25 years service upon retirement
In 1920 the design of the medal was changed to that of a silver circular medal for both men and women. The front face was the 'civil head' of George V; the reverse depicted a finely sculptured male figure gazing out across the sea towards the setting sun. It symbolised rest after labour, and the words 'For Faithful Service' were written below. The 'crowned head' of George V replaced the uncrowned 'civil head' in 1931, and subsequent monarchs have been indicated by 'crowned effigies'.

The medals were worn suspended from the left breast or shoulder by a ribbon watered red with a central light blue stripe. Women usually wore the ribbon tied into a bow.


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