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Family of Martin Harvey HENDERSON and Betty Joan Florence SPRATT

Husband: Martin Harvey HENDERSON (1916-1980)
Wife: Betty Joan Florence SPRATT (1921-2012)
Marriage 20 Nov 1946 The Parish Church, Woodhorn, Northumberland

Husband: Martin Harvey HENDERSON


Martin Harvey HENDERSON, 1940, age 24

Name: Martin Harvey HENDERSON1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas HENDERSON (1879-1946)
Mother: Ruth Dixon RUTHERFORD (1882- )
Birth 29 Apr 1916 Royal Victoria Infirmary, St Andrew, Newcastle upon Tyne
GRO Ref. Newcastle on Tyne 10b 79
Residence 29 Apr 1916 (age 0) 1 Buteland Terrace, Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland
Occupation to 27 Feb 1940 (age 23) Bakery Van Man
Occupation frm 27 Feb 1940 to 27 Apr 1946 (age 23-29) Guardsman, Coldstream Guards, 2nd Battalion
Enlisted at Ashington, Northumberland
Service 6 years and 60 days
Followed by 8 Years on Army Reserve
Residence 20 Nov 1946 (age 30) 34 Long Park, Newbiggin by Sea, Northumberland
Residence Dec 1946 (age 30) 66A St. Annes Road, Harrow, Middlesex
Occupation frm Jul 1947 (age 31) Postman/Driver; Harrow, Middlesex
Death 8 Jan 1980 (age 63) Northwick Park Hospital, Middlesex

Wife: Betty Joan Florence SPRATT


Betty Joan Florence SPRATT, 2001, age 80

Name: Betty Joan Florence SPRATT1,6,8
Sex: Female
Father: Albert Edwin SPRATT (1881-1965)
Mother: Jane Gertrude STEVENS (1885-1975)
Birth 19 Feb 1921 35 Springfield Road, Harrow, Middlesex
Residence btw 1921 and 1935 (age 0-14) 35 Springfield Road, Harrow, Middlesex
Occupation btw 1936 and 1948 (age 14-27) Laundress at Greenhill Laundry, Harrow
Residence btw 1936 and 1961 (age 14-40) 66A St. Annes Road, Harrow, Middlesex
Residence 1962 (age 40-41) 11 Ford Close, Harrow, Middlesex
Death 7 Jan 2012 (age 90) Regency Rest Home, Watford, Hertfordshire
Cremation 18 Jan 2012 West Herts Crematorium

Note on Wife: Betty Joan Florence SPRATT (1)

I have been asked to read this tribute that Christine and Tom have written for their Mum; and I feel very privileged to read it.


Our Mum was the most wonderful Mum you could ever have. She was a very caring, happy, cheerful, cheeky, considerate and helpful Mum.


Tom and I have fond memories of our childhood. Especially our holidays by the sea in a caravan. We used to spend a lot of time on the beach and the evenings were spent on the fruit machines, while Mum and Dad were playing Bingo nearby.


In the late fifties our cousin Clive joined the Royal Air Force and came to stay with us when he had leave or long weekends. He was like our big brother and Mum and Dad took him under their wing and he became one of the family.


In the early sixties we moved into our first house in Ford Close. It was so exciting having our own house. I expect some of you will remember coming to visit us there and being made very welcome. Mum and Dad loved having family over.


In the early seventies Tom and I both got married and Mum and Dad were offered a bungalow in Charles Crescent. They were so thrilled to have a nice new bungalow that had just been built. It was much easier for them both as everything was on one level and with Dads health deteriorating it made life easier. Dad had to take early retirement and Mum cared for him and looked after him until he sadly passed away in 1980.


Mum found being alone difficult at first but her strong character and determination encouraged her to go to clubs and dancing classes. She made many friends and went away for some lovely holidays. I am told that she was always one of the first on the dance floor and was always lucky at Bingo. Mum even went to Spain where she got mugged and then went on a ride on a camel.


In 1999 Mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer but she battled through major surgery. I remember going to see her after her operation and though it was a massive operation her comments were that it wasn’t that bad at all and she would be out soon and could start dancing again. After a stay with us she did go back home and resumed dancing and Bingo.



In 2007 she was found collapsed on the floor of her bungalow in freezing conditions. They believe that she had been there for about three days. Her outlook was very grim but her fighting spirit got her through even though it left her a little on the frail side and unable to look after herself properly.


In the early part of 2008 Mum realised (after a trial run at home) that she could not continue living by herself. It was with great sadness that we transferred her to a Care Home in Watford. Fortunately, she settled in there very quickly, she loved the home and they loved her. She took part in nearly all the activities, including bingo, draughts, art work, quizzes, etc., and keep fit. She even managed to dance with a walking frame. They used to say there was never a dull momentt when Betty was about. The care and love she received there was second to none, which Tom and I will never forget.


Sadly, on 7th January this year, after being in bed since the beginning of December and putting up a good fight she slipped away in my arms. Tom and Chris were there as well so she was not alone and knew she was very much loved. I told her many times that day that we loved her and showered her with kisses.


At the moment we feel totally devastated. She was a wonderful loving Mum and we miss her so much it is almost unbearable.


We love you Mum and you will be forever in our hearts


Your loving Daughter Christine and Son Tom.

Note on Wife: Betty Joan Florence SPRATT (2)

Being asked to read Christine & Tom’s tribute to their Mum lead me to remember all that my Aunt Betty did for me during my first few years in the Royal Air Force.


Aunt Betty and Uncle Harvey were very kind and generous in allowing me to drop in at 66A St Anne’s Road whenever I had leave or a long weekend. I was always welcomed with open arms and they became adept at making up a bed in the lounge for me at short notice.


As a result of their kindness I was able to get to know my extended family around Harrow; family of which I knew nothing until I spent a holiday with them at number 66A a year or so before. I got to know my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.


Christine and Tom were young at that time and we went to the little park in Bessborough Road to feed the ducks, had picnics at Ruislip Lido, I helped to get Tom’s train set working, and went to bingo sessions where I never won anything.


When the family moved to Ford Close I learnt to paint and hang wallpaper, my decorating started with lining the ceiling in the lounge, and there were other jobs like building a garden shed, all useful activities for later on in my life.


The most important thing during this time was that I met and courted the girl who became my wife, and I am sure that if Aunt Betty had not been so loving and kind in looking after me my life would have taken a totally different direction.


My Aunt Betty was wonderful; she was the mother I never knew, treating me like another son; I never knew her to say a cross word or be angry with anyone, she was very loving and kind to me and to everyone around her.


God Bless you Aunt Betty, may you rest in peace.




….Clive Spratt, 18th January 2012


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