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Family of George FUNNELL and Mary Emma Amelia HUTCHINSON

Husband: George FUNNELL (1823-1905)
Wife: Mary Emma Amelia HUTCHINSON (1824-1903)
Children: Alice Annie FUNNELL (1854-1854)
George Alma FUNNELL (1855-1920)
Alice Mary FUNNELL (1858-1926)
Laura Ann FUNNELL (1859-1928)
Emily Jane FUNNELL (1861-1937)
James Henry FUNNELL (1862-1946)
William Francis FUNNELL (1864- )
Marriage 18 Jun 1853 Hackney, Middlesex
Hackney 1b 387

Husband: George FUNNELL

Name: George FUNNELL1,2,3,4
Sex: Male
Father: William FUNNELL (c. 1797-1822)
Mother: Mary Ann LILLEY (1800-1871)
Birth Q1 1823
Baptism 10 Mar 1823 (age 0) St Michael's Church, Thorpe-Le-Soken, Essex
Occupation 1841 (age 18) Carpenter's Apprentice; Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex
Was a carpenter in 1841 census, and also when he emigrated to Australia.
Emigration 3 Nov 1853 (age 30) to Australia
Sailed from Southampton on the 'Tudor' as an assisted immigrant, with wife Mary, 3rd November 1853, arriving Melbourne on 25th November 1854 after 386 days at sea.
Was given a land grant at Leongatha in Victoria, for a property called Bright Brook which was handed on to Horace Edward Funnell and his wife who was still alive in 2005.
George also built a house at Ti Tree, a property near Goulburn, NSW, for his son Henry - house still standing in 2005.
Occupation frm 1854 (age 30-31) Carpenter; Leongatha, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Gold Miner; Australian gold fields
Possessions Granted land at Leongatha, Victoria, Australia
Built property called Bright Brook on his land, which passed to son Horace
Possessions Built house on Ti Tree near Goulburn, NSW, Australia for his son Henry
Death 4 Aug 1905 (age 82) Koorooman, Victoria, Australia
Burial Leongatha, Victoria, Australia

Wife: Mary Emma Amelia HUTCHINSON

Name: Mary Emma Amelia HUTCHINSON
Sex: Female
Father: William HUTCHINSON ( - )
Mother: Ann HUTCHINSON-wife ( - )
Birth 24 Feb 1824
Baptism 18 Apr 1824 (age 0) St Leonards Church, Shoreditch, Middlesex
Residence 18 Apr 1824 (age 0) Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, Midlesex
Death 21 Jun 1903 (age 79) Leongatha, Victoria, Australia
Burial Leongatha, Victoria, Australia

Child 1: Alice Annie FUNNELL

Name: Alice Annie FUNNELL
Sex: Female
Birth 1854
Death 1854 (age 0)

Child 2: George Alma FUNNELL

Name: George Alma FUNNELL
Sex: Male
Birth 1855
Death 10 Feb 1920 (age 64-65) Sydney, NSW, Australia

Child 3: Alice Mary FUNNELL

Name: Alice Mary FUNNELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Robert Rouse ROWELL (1850-1935)
Birth 1 Jan 1858 Maryborough, Victoria, Australia
Death 16 Jun 1926 (age 68) Canterbury, NSW, Australia

Child 4: Laura Ann FUNNELL

Name: Laura Ann FUNNELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: William METCALFE (1859- )
Birth 14 Jul 1859
Death 1928 (age 68-69)

Child 5: Emily Jane FUNNELL

Name: Emily Jane FUNNELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry EHLERS (ELLERS) (1857-1904)
Birth 1861
Death 1 Oct 1937 (age 75-76)

Child 6: James Henry FUNNELL

Name: James Henry FUNNELL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Jane CLOUT (1876-1946)
Birth 16 Sep 1862 Burnt Creek, Victoria, Australia
Baptism 24 May 1863 (age 0) Marulan, Sutton Forest, New South Wales, Australia
Occupation Glazier & Carpenter; Tallong, NSW, Australia
Death 8 Aug 1946 (age 83) Goulburn, NSW, Australia
Burial 20 Aug 1946 Tallong, NSW, Australia

Child 7: William Francis FUNNELL

Name: William Francis FUNNELL
Sex: Male
Birth 28 Jan 1864


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