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Family of Thomas COPSY and Sarah HORSNELL

Husband: Thomas COPSY (bap.1735, bur.1802)
Wife: Sarah HORSNELL (bur.1785)
Children: Mary COPSY (bap.1760, bur.1767)
Sarah COPSY (bap.1762)
Anne COPSY (bap.1765)
Susannah COPSY (bap.1767)
Thomas COPSY (bap.1770)
Marriage 20 Nov 1759 Writtle, Essex

Husband: Thomas COPSY

Name: Thomas COPSY
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas COPSEY (1699-1764)
Mother: Mary FLETCHER (bur.1772)
Baptism 16 Feb 1734/35 Chignall St. James, Essex
Burial Mar 1802 Pleshey, Essex

Wife: Sarah HORSNELL

Name: Sarah HORSNELL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Burial 1 Apr 1785 Pleshey, Essex

Child 1: Mary COPSY

Name: Mary COPSY
Sex: Female
Baptism 26 Oct 1760 Great Waltham, Essex
Burial 22 Sep 1767 Pleshey, Essex

Child 2: Sarah COPSY

Name: Sarah COPSY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isaac CHANDLER ( - )
Baptism 14 Nov 1762 Great Waltham, Essex

Child 3: Anne COPSY

Name: Anne COPSY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mark SEWELL ( - )
Baptism 3 Mar 1765 Great Waltham, Essex

Child 4: Susannah COPSY

Name: Susannah COPSY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas JONSON ( - )
Baptism 12 Jul 1767 Pleshey, Essex

Child 5: Thomas COPSY

Name: Thomas COPSY
Sex: Male
Baptism 3 Jun 1770 Pleshey, Essex