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Family of Reginald Robert CATO and Florence May COOK

Husband: Reginald Robert CATO (1886- )
Wife: Florence May COOK (1885- )
Children: Rose May CATO (1910- )

Husband: Reginald Robert CATO

Name: Reginald Robert CATO
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Rose CATO (1864- )
Birth Q1 1886 Tring, Hertfordshire
Berkhampstead 3a 613

Wife: Florence May COOK

Name: Florence May COOK
Sex: Female
Father: Willaim Arthur COOK ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1885 Tring, Hertfordshire

Child 1: Rose May CATO

Name: Rose May CATO
Sex: Female
Birth 1910